projection of sound-reactive animations, contemporary dance

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Performance artists: Jiaying Gao (dancer/curator @jaelyn.999) and Hristo Yordanov (visuals/sound @cosmopolit ), 2nd sound compositor: Krasimir Kostadinov a.k.a. Gatof
Medium: projection of sound-reactive animations, contemporary dance
Duration: 12 min.
Concept: In social dance, the pulse is central to creating wholeness. Something needs to go in to be part of a larger context. Performance is inspired by the form of social dance to create a game plan of engaging, watching and listening for an immersive pulse experience. “We see ephemera as states of different pulses and rhythms. The pulse of temptation and destruction is displaced and distorted to challenge the sense of reality we take for granted. Solidarity and ephemera – we want to share these extremes with the audience.“
Performed on 07.05-08.05.2022 in Ephemerence show in Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, London, SE1

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